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We take pride in providing quality services couple with GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE at Scott’s Jewelry & Pawn.

All of our staff are well-trained, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable to provide the best customer experience!

Pawn Loans

Get cash in-hand today by stopping by any of our locations.  Items may be pawned for a 30 day loan with an additional 30 day grace period (60 days total).  Loans may be extended or renewed for a longer period if you need more time to pay off your loan. We will take good care of your items while they are in our shop.


Do you have extra gold, silver, or other precious metals that you want to sell? Things lying around you are just not using anymore?  We buy items outright. Bring your item by for cash today.


If you are looking for an upgrade, tired of the  item you purchased, or for any other  reason, we offer you the ability to trade your item in and get something else that you may want in return.  This is a great way to get rid of something you do not want or need to get something else!   We  also offer very reasonable terms and give you the best price for you Traded Items!


Best deals in town on New and pre-owned items – we have a huge selection of items for sale – please visit our Product Page for more information


If you cannot live without one of our items for sell and need a little time to pay it out try using our convenient layaway.  We allow you up to five months to pay it off. So come down to any or our locations and set aside the item you may need for that special occasion or for any need – we’ll give you the time you need to pay it off!


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